The Feathercoin Development Foundation released a blog post-June 29, 2018, noting that it has been 100 days since its formal launch. The Feathercoin Development Foundation was set up in Zug, Switzerland on March 21, 2018. Notably, Feathercoin started as a thread by user bushstar on the Bitcointalk forum on April 16, 2013.


The Feathercoin Foundation was formed with the aim of fostering development and acceptance of the cryptocurrency. It was also created to support the work done by Peter Bushnell and the community. Initially, it hired three engineers to work on platform-specific projects. At the time of the launch, a statement read:

“The Foundation will also serve as an instrument to coordinate the broader community efforts around Feathercoin. If the open source movement has taught us anything, it is that no amount of money can replace the enthusiasm of a dedicated community. It can, however, be valuable to have a catalyst for this enthusiasm so we can include people (not just developers) who want to contribute because they believe that a fair amount of choice in cryptocurrencies is also a fair amount of freedom.”

Edge and Electrum

Any bitcoin wallet has two key distinguishing features. One is the public address which is required to receive any amount of digital currency while the second is a private key. The latter is needed to access one’s balance and to send some or all of it to another wallet. If the private key is lost, the wallet is considered to be lost forever. To provide users with a new option that would not be as harsh, Feathercoin announced the launch of a multi-currency mobile wallet on April 16, 2018. Named Edge, it can be downloaded on iOS and Android platforms.

Edge users only need to remember their username and password to access their wallet immediately. Feathercoin believes that this simplicity will boost adoption of cryptocurrencies as more people can access them to transfer cryptocurrencies.

On March 27, 2018, Feathercoin also announced the beta release of Electrum FTC wallet. The wallet underwent extensive testing and was finally launched on July 6, 2018. The Electrum FTC wallet is a hard fork of the bitcoin Electrum wallet with the purpose of working with Feathercoin instead. The newly launched version combines the best features of Electrum and Feathercoin after being patched for potential bugs.

The Feathercoin Foundation has played a vital role in the development of both wallets. It is also supporting developments in Feathercoin Core. “True to Feathercoin’s roots, we have launched several initiatives under the Featherlight Payments umbrella. These initiatives will make it easier for merchants and their customers to use Feathercoin in all payment situations, online and IRL,” said the foundation in a statement.

These initiatives include adding Feathercoin compatibility to BTCPay servers and the development of a powerful, yet easy to use crypto wallet, Swan. While the Foundation is satisfied with what it has managed to achieve in the past 100 days, there is no doubt that it is looking to do even better in the future.

Find out more about Feathercoin and Feathercoin.foundation by visiting their sites.


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